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An experience when closing my eyes…


A black horse walks on water heading towards me

I am at the shore
Awaiting his arrival

My hands hold my face and my knees help keep my head up

I Am Barely Existing

The horse arrives on land, bowing his elegant armor down to my feet

While the midnight light shines on the ocean behind him
I lie down, the sand is wet under my body

He takes a bow before me and gold begins to run down his forehead

It flows over the crest of his back and follows his lead as he allows it

Engulphs Me

The sand beneath me becomes heavy, so does my body

Gold Continues To Protect Me

Protecting my eyes, filling them up
Protecting my words, I no longer speak
Rushing into my mouth

Gold And I Are Becoming One

Just when I feel the heaviest, a phoenix appears to my left

It slowly makes its way to the horse standing in front of my feet as I lie still

The phoenix stands in between the horse and me

Mouth Opened Wide, it consumes the gold that will consume me


It steps back for take off and glides closely, safely above me

As it drifts closer and closer
Each swish releases gold from its mouth

While in flight, the phoenix heads directly for my belly
It makes its way inside of me through my button

While inside, it spills gold for all the internal to drink

My heart and my mind

I feel lighter and am able to breathe

I Never Knew Just How Heavy Gold Can Be

The Phoenix then positions itself next to me
I slowly rise

My newest vehicle for transportation

My New Pair Of Eyes

We soar through the air and shoot fireballs of gold
To humans in the room I am sitting in
Quietly, eyes closed

I use myself as a blanket, covering this creature with my-self->



Those Eyes

As the phoenix and I travel though this world and perhaps others,
The gold flares

Love For The World

I fall down to the phoenix’s neck and embrace it as if it is my own

Never Letting It Go, Trying To Feel My Own Breath

We glide back to earth and I fall onto dirt

As my eyes can barely see,
I lie motionless in the middle of a ceremony

The Natives stand around while chanting
As one of them picks me up and carries me

Back to his Tepee

The smell of fire among other scents, impregnate my senses

I can feel the warmth of the fire and the warmth of their souls

There are many of them and yet they have no faces

Barely conscious, I stand up
I slowly sway to the left and to the right as I approach an old man

His hair,
Dark and grey
Entwine through a sole braid

He sits against with his back tall
An eagle feather in hand

I look into his face
He stares back
Assuring me,

You Are Safe

Through the wrinkles on his face, the number of lives lived
I can see in front of me

Where a man staring at me would have eyes
Where a man seeing my soul would have a mouth
Where a man hearing my heart would have a face

This old man
Would have none

The others remain silent, in words and in faces

I came to believe

One Does Not Need To See To Be Gracious

I bow my head and thank out loud

Then turn to the world arms open
And head held proud

My horse takes the lead and we gallop on the shore

We dive headfirst into the ocean
And the water covers us with her embrace

As we head deeper, my horse becomes a shark and I am inside

It protects me so that I may see what is going on
As well as breathe to keep alive

We swim under the sea and through the vastness
We Swim As If We Must Or We Will Die

As we head to the surface
A dolphin jumps from a wave

I continue my journey on this being
While holding its fin, smiling amazed

I can feel the water
On and off my legs

I can feel the wind
As it kisses my face

I Can Feel I Can Feel

My dolphin omnibus, would share me with another

One made from black and white

Not Of Blood, But A Brother

He gently guards me as we make our way to shore

My Horse and My Phoenix patiently stand
As my feet comes from water and into sand

I kiss the orca and make my way from the sea

This time the light
From the midnight oil
Shining down
On me

I run to My Horse and throw my arms around him
I missed him so

I Thank You Horse as I bow down I Love You Even More

I turn to My Phoenix

This Creature From Fire

I stand in front as I did
The old man

The Admired

No spoken sound
But I hear loud and clear

Wherever You Are Heather, I Will Be Near