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When I write, I’m finding out. No pre-determined fate for these pages, it’s all about lessening doubt. I can say that about all the work I do. It’s to find “Me” yes, but I’m also finding “You” too.
Love? Where are you?

… This is from a piece I wrote, “Just Love” and what I say is true. I’m not sure what your definition of a “mistake” is, but for me? There ain’t no such thing…

Who. Made. You.

We learn this word “Mistake” from those who’ve made, telling us what’s real and what’s fake. Who is anyone to say anything about failing and/or mistakes except for the person who creates. If you’re reading this and you think anything you’ve made has been or is a mistake? I assure you, this is what will make you… Break … And I stand by breaking. It’s a must.


… This is why you’re different, and goddamnit, I’m not interested in the same. I’m interested in the interesting. Whatever’s interesting holds my attention, my time, me myself and I. I can tell you what does not hold my attention… Illusions, masks and art schools.

Can I tell you something? You could say everything I do, everything I make is a mistake. Why? Because when I make, the only intent is freeing… And maybe, just maybe, my free will free yours too. I’ve been learning free does not come (or go) without warning, you know what’s what and who’s who. So I’ll ask you again, a bit different this time…

Who. Makes. You.

When making, the intent is without judgment. She’s clear, an open channel.
I’m not sure if you think you know a thing or two, but everything you’ve been taught, most of what you’ve learned, who you think you are, have been put into place… For you.
You are part of a system who use words such as:
RightWrongMistakeGoodBadEvilGodDevilHeavenHell Etc. Etc…

… (Have) You willingly walked into a role made for you.(?)
If there was anything remotely close to a mistake, maybe it would be thinking you and I are something other than what we already are or thinking we would be better if…

Only I can find out for myself, and you for yourself. Why do you think I write, shoot, depict, make films, music? I do this because I ain’t’ much for that. I don’t care so much about what you think, I care if they’re your own thoughts and if you can feel yourself. I don’t look for the differences between you and me, I note this… Intrinsicness…


I don’t believe in sin and I don’t believe in hierarchy. That’s man-made. I’m interested in when YOU begin and they end…


What’s going on? Again And Again
Everything’s a circular motion… No one wins… Maybe. Where are you? Where have you come from and where are you goin’? I ain’t much for something (or someone) staying one way, not allowing or giving the gift of change, evolving, expanding… Into something else. I’ll tell you a secret…

Somethin’ else is my fav. Knowing can bore me real fast… Ya know? I think I just may love mistakes…

How do you or I know we’ve made a mistake? Do you ever think you’re a mistake? *I’ll tell you something else… You could even say my life was/is a mistake. Shit I could too* But then who would make what I make? Would you? Who would give ya a shake, and who would tell you to wake… Da fuck up.

They’re Tryin To Tame You

How do you know this word mistake? Probably ‘cuz someone told you what was right but left out the for them part. Words can be tricky. That’s a fact. People leave a lot of shit out but can also add a bunch of shit too. I ain’t much for shit.

At least, maybe not the same shit as you…

I prefer to stare at a painting where the one making maybe had no idea and just went with it. Or an idea and it was shot to shit. I dig words on pages to be automatic. My interests are sparked when I see a photo that ain’t any “one” kind of perfect… So much art is taught, just like morals, value…

Who and What is value? Did you make your morals or were they given to you?

… If I’ve learned anything, it’s that I’ve always lived in reality. No matter what anyone has or continues to say…

My teachers have been these streets
… Have been my strengths

So imagine if I deemed all this “shit” a mistake… No thanks

Check it, I have no idea what a light meter is. I have no idea about apertures, gadgets, never cared about that shit. I don’t care too much about punctuations, I make up my own words too. I follow music, I don’t try to control it, nor do I have any idea what note I’m playing or key I’m in. You see these words you’re reading? I don’t know where they’re coming from… I could say me, but that ain’t too satisfying.

With my work, I’m free to be and sometimes it’s not me it’s someone else or some “thing”. I’m interested in learning especially when it comes to improving my ways and/or my work…

It’s Time To Refine

… Intent is the most important for me. If I can learn something new, I’m all about it. I ain’t close-minded nor am I heavily dependent on any one way…

Stray Cat Stray

My brain works differently than most. When a word gets changed on a text let’s say, I see this new auto corrected word and BOOM! A whole other perspective is made. When others talk, I make sure they’re expressing their own POV. Before I digest what you’re saying I change your lips, speaking for me, speaking for we, into speaking for your me.

Protect Yo Self
It’s ok, most haven’t a clue safety does not come in numbers, safety is you…

I also see words and numbers in color and take words apart, creating different and multiple meanings. Some say this is lateral thinking, others say paranoia, mad, genius, a hustler… baby. One thing I love about me?…

I Can Make Sense Out Of Insanity
Can you?

With my depictions, if I even try to think, or have an idea, it’s all downhill.
Shit… Everything I do doesn’t have just my hand in it, most usually it is only these hands… I just bare witness. *See, if you use the word Bare instead of Bear, a whole other world opens up*

… But hey, if you’re the kind who loves to criticize, I feel for you… Why? Because ones quick to judge, say they’ve made a mistake, tell you you’ve done the same *Not even to your face*… These are the kinds who keep same alive. These are the kinds you allow to control your life. Strange, these are also the kinds who many idolize… These kinds wish they could take a chance, proceed with risk…

Additionally, these kinds can (and will) change their minds as soon as that “mistake” becomes currency. But if you are a true artist, if you don’t make to please and aren’t shy to cry…

Dues And Fees

… If your work reveals something about you that they hide? It may very well inspire and cast away their one side allowing another form to take shape… Changing their own(ed) lives and possibly living as opposed to just waiting…

Dying Trying

…Figuring out how to live.
Take a look at some of your mentors or humans whose work resonates…

Find the common denominator
Total Sum Equates… MISTAKES

I only care about real and sometimes reality can be a mistake so hey, let’s change that word, change the game and label it for what it can be… FATE
I do this to provoke thought and feeling
Now forget all the shit I just said… Just Make xx-h->