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… My thoughts about “Art” and the “World At large”

I’m sitting in the California Desert. It’s my home base, kind of.
I’ve learned recently, I am home which means (and could possibly explain) why I wander, roam, why I move around so much, and why I can make my home anywhere… It’s also in my blood, my ROOTS, my ways, and my touch…

Starry-Eyed Visionary (Immortal)

The Art (World)! The Art (World)! What Can I say???
That’s the thing ’bout this World At Large and Art… Most times I find silence impressing me…

… Something unexplainable, wordless compelling me to stop.
Stop thinking, please just stop

Something or someone encouraging me to feel, to remember…
“Heather, this is what you are too… This is you.”

My work allows me to stop. It may not seem like it, I do do a lot, but I learned some time in the “past,” non-doing and doing just may very well be the same “thing.” When I am called, I willfully accept it to speak…

You Can Lead You Can Lead

… I gravitate towards(it)what or who causes me to levitate and sometimes they already be levitating… Maybe that’s “It”… Weightless. Jokai would say, “Maybe.”

Sometimes sound is silent
Sometimes silent is sound
Sometimes silent…

The eyes, the hearts, the minds, the times…

The World can be found…


Silent resides
Silence inside
Silently all rites…


It can be my (and/or in) mind…

Amidst Clouds In My Coffee
My Heart Amok Devotee
Imagination Are We…?

… Are all knocking, stalking, crawling, hopping, roaring, watching, flying, dropping, running, falling, stopping… Unlocking.

I was asked to write about “Art” and “The World At Large”, have been working on and off this piece for some months now. I’ve deleted, added, stopped, began… Over and over… Again and again… But this one is the one I will send. Why Heather? Well, I’m glad you asked. Let me start fresh…

Horse’s Mouth

Hello, My Name Is Heather…

Some years ago, I came running out here to THE DEZ.
I felt afraid, hurt, suicidal (and sometimes homicidal which is super scary).
You name it I had STOPPED… Being… Alive.

Cancer Is Currency

… See, I was trying to get out of this lil body who felt as if a million ants lived underneath skin.
I was IN PAIN… Sufferin’. What lead me here I ain’t entirely sure, I will say…

“It’s a fucking great thing… To be… Not sure.”
Fuckin A

Something learned, the following:
Yes. They can. Be.

… Wor(l)ds really got a hold of me or did I them?…

There were countless moments isolated in my DTLA warehouse taking wor(l)ds apart.
The Target Draws The Arrow

… This creates two wor(l)ds and possibly the root of the… Wor(l)d

I also saw wor(l)ds in color. So much so, it would take me hours to send one email. Not only did I have to put arrows through them (because this denotes their importance, duh) Now it had to be in color.

This IS (was) IT
The wor(l)ds I live(d) in
Imagination LARGE… 7th place

For some years I thought I was something other than what I may already be…
Or just am.
We Already Are

… And you know? It can feel real shitty when yer left holding own(ed) hand,
especially when they ain’t connected…

To be left alone
To be left
To be

What happened?

… I’ve been in the Dez for 4+ years and worlds are colliding. Instead of living in the past I imagine my past changing… My future I amaze out loud, “Wow.” I use it to help me as I step into it… Madness

I dig what Osho once said, “Burn Your Bridges. Go Forward.”

I was alone (for the most part) towards end of OVERADECADEINLA… The ones by my side during these times made sure I was ok. They held my rope, and they did their best to make me feel ok. That’s fucking art. Taking care of each other. Especially when’s someone’s outta their mind… Wait? OR IN(it)…

That’s how I came to my senses you know… In san IT y


Fast forward to where I am now…

Do you know everything I came runnin’ out here with I have/am/can be?
Ya know it’s still in me?
To do (be) it… ALL AND EVERYTHING…

… The difference from then and now is the same even though it’s different.
It’s It. What Is It?

I don’t know for sure and neither do you.

… This is why it’s a must you find out for yourself. The only reason why I’m here is to share the stories of lives lived, mine, the ones who are no longer here, and the ones who can’t or are unable to… Oh, and some only I can see.
**You can see (it) too, but you’re not paying attention. You ain’t listening.**

The work I do people say is ART. Shit, I suppose (I)t can be. Struggle, vulnerability, focus, obsession(s), constant questioning, imagining, feeling, thinking… Why Am I Me… Hold up, I think… It’s me.


… I think so. That’s why I keep going.
Do you know what you’re struggling for?

Did you know I’m able to answer someone when asked, “Where are you?” It’s been some years for me to be able to say, to be okay, with… Here. I’ve never really been able to answer that other one… “How are you?” Thank god I don’t have to anymore.

(I’m in a good place. Thanks.)

It’s strange putting all of you into it and becoming complete. It’s even stranger when it ain’t you…
Who. Are. You. Why. Are. You. You.

… It’s even stranger stranger when IT gives to you…

Sometimes it’s quite the opposite… Both you and it uncover, reveal, let the cat out of the bag… But instead of feeling lighter, you’re left feeling drained, on display, heavy, man-made, soulless, meaningless, pointless, fading away…

HEATHER! Forget All The Shit I Say!
Ok. Ok…. OKAY

… Not that thinking or opinions or words are shit, I just don’t hang on to what you or I say as much as I used to. When I do, when I just can’t shake it…

I Sit With It… When I feel shook…

Hanging on to letting go

… I listen.
Man, what if more people just fuckin’ listened? There’s an art to that you know…


It seems gobs of “Art” and the “World At Large” listen to something other than it. Something and/or someone (else) rather than that voice inside that can get super hard to hear… But it ain’t going nowhere.
It seems to be taking a back seat to something that has absolutely no value…


I know I know…
WTF are you saying Heat? Money has no value?
No currency?

No. It does not. It’s what I do with it allowing it to take shape. Let me ask you something? You listening? Okay. COOL. Great…

“Can you tell me the difference between money real and money fake?”

… Now what ’bout ART?
(Which I kind of feel is smaller than You and I may thank…)

Can I tell you my take? Not A God Damn Thing.
*But there is this word… “Law.”

Which reality is real and what is real really? I suppose all and everything. This one and that. For me, it’s the one I live and listen to, directing me…

They’re Trying To Tame You
Don’t Let ’em**

What would you do if you were free?

Sing Sing Sing

Well?… What would you do? Without What are you doing? With

Wiping The Mirror Clean

Why (if you ain’t) are you (not) doing it? I’m listening…

Tag, you’re it… Just Like Me

Most want to be heard, seen, watched and given green, but who’s listening? Are you? Who me??

… Or are you paying someone to believe… In.
What makes you listen? What stops you in your tracks, makes you shut the fuck up,
Eyes wide, you just may die, heart attack… And what is?… “Who’s asking???”

It Either Is Or It Ain’t

One of my favorites? … HAKIM BEY
Chaos Never Died
Damn rite.

I ain’t much for any kind of label or titles, I can see how they may (can) be helpful, so sometimes I use ’em, but this one in particular can be real tricky for me…. Art(ist) It wasn’t until I heard…

“An Artist Is Someone Who Does Something Skillfully Without Knowing How They Did It.”-Alan Watts

“Dat me”… I thought

… I have no idea how I am doing what I do. I didn’t go to school for this and I also tend to feel we’re always in school. The creatures and all whom reside? Our teachers, mentors, and US? It is our responsibility to listen ask hear feel … Cause And Effect What Matters To Us.
*This ain’t hard at all, take a good look at your life…
Now take out all the differences.

With that, I’m going to ask you to find out for you. It’s what I do…
And it’s what many others have done and do too.

*I think IT is love
Continuing to hold us together
Helping us whole forever
Light As A Feather
As we’re meant to be
Flying High
“Return to who you are. Belong where you are. You and I are IT.
We make worlds larger and larger by taking care of one another.”

*You can quote me on this

“Art” and “The World At Large” are the same. They are the greatest forces of love… You and Me. Also… I feel glue should not come from horses or any animals anymore.
Please and thank you.